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American Shakespeare Center on Tour

"Antigone"btn buy tickets  (13+)

Saturday, March 30 at 2 p.m.  (150 minutes)

Live music begins at 1:30 p.m.

$40/$30 MCC tax district residents


In the aftermath of her brothers’ bloody war, Antigone is left torn. Her brother Eteocles will be honored, but her brother Polyneices will be shamed and denied funeral rites. In this ancient tale, Antigone stands for morality in spite of punishment as one of the earliest heroines in drama. Sophocles’s drama from 441 BC holds startling relevance today, examining divinity, obedience, and law – and how love overcomes them all. video


“All this would be of purely historical interest were it not for the high quality of the ASC’s fast-moving productions, which are authentic (no sets, no scene breaks) but not antiquarian.” The Wall Street Journal


Buy the package and save! All 3 American Shakespeare Center shows plus the Brush Up Your Shakespeare panel lecture. $110/$80 MCC tax district residents Click here to purchase.