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Medicare and Medigap @ MCC

Many people underestimate their healthcare costs when planning for retirement and facing Medicare Parts A, B, C and D can feel overwhelming. Attendees will learn about Medicare and planning for and enjoying retirement. Presenter: Mari De Leon, Fairfax County Medicare/Medigap Counselor. Registration Required.

1 lesson @ 1.5 hrs., Free
9018.218          Tu, 10/23         12:30-2 p.m.

Senior Moments is a term we all use when we cannot remember something, but we at the community center believe Senior Moments is also a time for seniors/adults
to have positive experiences. Join us for many social, fun and learning “Senior Moments.” To serve you better, we ask that you register in advance. This helps the instructor plan and assures us that there is interest in the course offering. The 10% senior discount applies to ages 60+ with course fees of $50 or more.