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Ballet & Tap (Combination I)

Children develop lovely technical ballet skills while learning French vocabulary, enhancing their artistic growth and nurturing poise, grace and musicality. Young dancers learn basic tap technique using fun Broadwaystyle song and tap routines to showcase their fantastic stage presence. This class is for kindergarten and first-grade students.


Instructor: Joy of Dance Staff.

5-6 years
13 lessons @ 45 mins, $297/$247 MCC district residents.
1577.219          W, 9/11–12/11           4:30–5:15 p.m.
No lesson on 11/27.


12 lessons @ 45 mins, $274/$228 MCC district residents.
1578.219          Th, 9/19–12/12           4:15–5 p.m.
No lesson on 11/28.


9 lessons @ 45 mins, $205/$171 MCC district residents.
1579.219          Sa, 9/7–11/23           10:45–11:30 a.m.
No lesson on 9/14, 9/28 and 11/9.

Joy of Dance is a progressive dance training program where students advance in a systematic manner. Joy of Dance staff members hold university degrees, are internationally accredited and/or are performing professionals. Questions? Email info@joyofdance.org. Optional Performances: To view all optional events and performances, instructor qualifications and other information, visit www.joyofdance.org. Students
participating in optional performances, McLean Day, The Alden Spring Demos or Black Box Demos, will incur an $85 fee to cover the cost of costumes, backdrop rental, music editing, tickets, props, programs and event staffing
for dress rehearsals and events.