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Virtual Technology Tutoring Workshops

This virtual workshop is geared towards assisting older adults and seniors who want to stay connected while social distancing.

An initial, optional class help students get set-up on MCC’s new virtual class platform (Zoom.us). The next two classes will help students utilize computers and tablets to order essential items online, like groceries, and stay socially connected during COVID-19, with video chatting and social media apps. Courses will begin with a presentation that explains the fundamentals, followed by personalized instruction. The instructor will patiently answer questions and provide students with a helpful digital booklet to practice at home. A functioning internet-connected computer or mobile device to access Zoom is required to participate. Questions? Contact Quentin Levin at quentinl8@live.com. Preregistration is required to attend.

Part 1: Optional Zoom Video Set-Up
1 lesson @ 1 hr, Free Admission (Preregistration Required)
9101.220          Su, 9/12          1 p.m. (Instructor will email details)

Part 2: Using Technology to Order Essential Items Online
1 lesson @ 2hrs, Free Admission (Preregistration Required)
9102.220          Su, 9/20          12:30 p.m. (Instructor will email details)

Part 3: Stay Connected Digitally During COVID-19: Video Calls, Social Media, and Online Events
1 lesson @ 2 hrs, Free Admission (Preregistration Required)
9103.220          Su, 9/27          12:30 p.m. (Instructor will email details)