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Fairfax County Board of Supervisors appoints new members to the McLean Community Center Governing Board

McLean, Va. — At the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting on Tuesday, June 5, the BOS appointed five new members to the McLean Community Center’s Governing Board. New adult members are Carole Herrick, Raj Mehra and Terri Markwart, who will serve three-year terms. The Langley High School boundary area member is Megan Markwart and the McLean High School Boundary area member is Lauren Herzberg. The two teen members will serve one-year terms.

The five residents of Small District 1A-Dranesville won seats on the MCC Governing Board by getting the highest number of votes at the Board election, which was held at the McLean Day 2018 festival on Saturday, May 19, at Lewinsville Park. The League of Women Voters acted as tellers.

MCC Governing Board Elections & Nominations Committee Chair Kat Kehoe certified the results to Dranesville District Supervisor John W. Foust, who presented the successful candidates’ names to the BOS on Tuesday.
Total Ballots Cast   

  Absentee Voters   McLean Day Voters  Total Voters
Total Adult Voters:   261 221  482 
 Total Youth Voters:  38 63  101 
Total All Voters: 299 284 583


Individual Votes for Adult Candidates

Candidates (in alphabetical order)  Absentee/In-Person  Total Votes 
 Maria Foderaro-Guertin  114/106  220
 Carole Herrick  183/129  312
 Terri Markwart  113/112  225
 Raj Mehra  128/98  226
 Write-In  2/6  8
 Total Adult Votes  540/451  991


Individual Votes for Youth Candidates

Langley High School Area Representative            


Candidates (in alphabetical order)  Absentee/In-Person   Total Votes 
 Brian Kim  45/24  69
 Megan Markwart  50/35  85
 Write-In  0/0  0
 Total Langley Votes  95/59  154


McLean High School Area Representative

Candidates (in alphabetical order)  Absentee/In-Person   Total Votes
 Serena Aurora  19/6  25
 Lauren Herzberg  68/50  118
 Kimya Shirazi  11/5  16
 Write-In  7/0  7
 Total McLean Votes  105/61  166


Total Youth Votes  200/120  320 
 Total Votes Cast 740/571  1311


The MCC Election and Nominations Committee certified the winners as:

Adults, three-year terms: Carole Herrick, Raj Mehra and Terri Markwart.

Youth, one-year term – Langley High School area: Megan Markwart.

Youth, one-year term – McLean High School area: Lauren Herzberg.

Board Officers Elected
The new board members took their seats on the MCC Governing Board at the board’s regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, June 6. Officers were elected for the 2018-2019 Board term, with the following results:

Paul Kohlenberger, Chair
Desi Woltman, Vice-Chair
Julie Waters, Secretary
Elizabeth John, Treasurer

For more information, call the Center at 703-790-0123, TTY: 711.

Herrick Carole Carole Herrick Mehra Raj Raj Mehra Markwart Terri Snow Terri Markwart Markwart Megan Snow Megan Markwart Herzberg LaurenLauren Herzberg 

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