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Kids' Classes

International Mini-Camp: Jamaican & Persian Cuisine

Jamaican: Jamaican Meat Pies (fresh-made pastry filled with flavorful, savory mixture of meat and vegetables); Stamp and Go (salt cod fritters); Jerk Chicken with Black Beans and Rice; Fried Sweet Plantains; Mango Mousse with Island-Spiced Sugar Cookies.


Persian: Kuku Sibzamini (Persian-style saffron and potato fritters); Mast-o-Khiar (Persian-style cucumber dip); Nan-e-Barbari (Persian flatbread); Beef Kofte (meatballs with mint and garlic); Chelo (Persian steamed white rice) Nan-E-Berenji (Persian rice cookies with poppy seeds).

Instructor: Chef Joel Olson, Hemmachef.



8-13 years
2 lessons @ 3 hrs, $144/$100 MCC district residents.
1312.121          W-Th, 8/11–12        5:30-8:30 p.m.