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411 for McLean Runners  

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Congratulations to the 2017 McLean 5K


Alanna White first place overall female brian Crandall Overall first place male
Alanna White
1st Place Overall Female
Brian Crandall
1st Place Overall Male

Daniela Diaz
1st Place Age 9 & Under Female
Jayan Atwal
1st Place Age 9 & Under Male
 Helena Swaak
1st Place Age 10-14 Female
Jerrick Bravo
1st Place Age 10-14 Male 
 Kelly Walton
1st Place Age 15-19 Female
Jeremiah Walker
1st Place Age 15-19 Male 
 Eliza Redway
1st Place Age 20-24 Female
Armaan Jaff 1st
Place Age 20-24 Male 
Jordan Underwood
1st Place Age 25-29 Female
Dany Oliveira
1st Place Age 25-29 Male  
 Anastasia Kranias
1st Place Age 30-34 Female
Matthieu Charpentier
1st Place Age 30-34 Male 
 Shreem Ramineni
1st Place Age 35-39 Female
Mark Conover
1st Place Age 35-39 Male 
June Takeuchi
1st Place Age 40-44 Female
David McKenzie
1st Place Age 40-44 Male 
Susan Ferrandino
1st Place Age 45-49 Female
Tony Flynn
1st Place Age 45-49 Male 
Cynthia Hutchings
1st Place Age 50-54 Female
Mike Royer
1st Place Age 50-54 Male 
Linn Redway
1st Place Age 55-59 Female
 Robert Salmon
1st Place Age 55-59 Male
Mary Lowe Mayhugh
1st Place Age 60-64 Female
Keisuke Nakamura
1st Place Age 60-64 Male 
Carla White
1st Place Age 65-69 Female
Les Irby
1st Place Age 65-69 Male 
Barbara Schneider
1st Place Age 70 & Over Female
Steve Bartlett
1st Place Age 70 & Over Male 

 Complete Race Results

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