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 OFC membership is open to 7th to 12th graders living in Fairfax County. Membership benefits include:



How to Join


Memberships are sold by school year, a 2021-2022 Membership is valid from August 23, 2021, to June 10, 2022.  Annual memberships are $325/$300 MCC district residents. Pay by credit card, cash or with a check made payable to The Old Firehouse.



Forms can be picked up at the Old Firehouse. Please complete all sections. Drop off the forms at OFC along with your payment Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. The Member does not need to be present. We can take a photo for the Membership ID another time. The signature of a parent/guardian and the child seeking Membership is required on the Participant Contract.


2021-2022 Participant Contract (required)
Registration Form (required) Use this form for payment, no activity number. Use "Membership" for Activity Name. Do not email or scan personal credit card information.



Pickup Policy

Parents shall call the Center at 703-448-8336 (TEEN) if they know they will be late picking up their child from any program. Repeated late pick-ups will result in dismissal from OFC programs. If staff are unable to contact parents for 30 minutes following the end of a program, Fairfax County Non-emergency police will be called to pick up the child. Staff will leave one final message stating the officer’s name and station to which the participant will be transported to await pick-up.



MCC/OFC Dance Disclaimer

This disclaimer would serve as a notice to all parents of children attending MCC Youth Events 5th & 6th grader dances (Monster Mash, Snow Ball, Luau, Yule Ball) and all Old Firehouse Friday Night Activities.

MCC/OFC activities have music and volume levels suitable to the purpose prescribed by the nature of the program. Precautionary measures such as decibel readers, designated quiet locations, and earplugs have been put in place to mitigate prolonged exposure. However, there are factors outside of our control, such as screaming children, which can lead to potentially damaging decibel levels. MCC staff and administration HIGHLY recommend that parents encourage their children to wear the available earplugs while attending these programs to protect their hearing.



Refund Policy