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Olympic Sport Fencing Camp

No previous training needed. Known as the "physical game of chess," Olympic sport fencing provides a tremendous physical and mental workout for students of all ages and athletic abilities. As one of the safest sports, fencing makes fitness fun! It builds muscle strength, provides greater cardiovascular workouts, improves endurance, coordination, and speed. The instructor teaches the fundamentals: footwork, handwork and strategy using safety-tipped swords, protective jackets, masks, and gloves.


Instructor: Virginia Academy of Fencing.


9-13 years

5 lessons @ 3 hrs, $225/$210 MCC district residents. Rental equipment fee: $49; make check payable to Virginia Academy of Fencing. Fee is due to the instructor on the first day of class.

Week 1

1952.121          M-F, 7/19–7/23          1–4 p.m.

Week 2

1953.121          M-F, 8/9–8/13            1–4 p.m.