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For media-related inquiries, please contact:

Sabrina Anwah
Director, Marketing & Communications
McLean Community Center
The Robert Ames Alden Theatre
1234 Ingleside Ave.
McLean, VA 22101
703-744-9363, TTY: 711


George Sachs, Executive Director  703-744-9342
Ashok Karra, Comptroller  703-744-9356
Holly Novak, Executive Assistant  703-744-9348
Sabrina Anwah, Director of Marketing & Communications  703-744-9363
David Craig, Webmaster & Graphic Designer  703-744-9366
Da'Les Allen, Social Media Editor  703-744-9374
Joe McGovern, Facilities Manager  703-744-9341
Lindsey Hogan, Office Manager  703-744-9370
Nadia Jaff, Accounts Payable  703-744-9349
Anne McAfee, Human Resources  703-744-9371
Georgia Mettauer, Administrative Assistant  703-790-0123
Ellen Fox, Administrative Assistant  703-790-0123
Jonathan Davis, Booking Manager  703-744-9362
Scott Bowen, Recreation Aide  703-790-0123
Craig Morris, Recreation Aide  703-790-0123
Susan Stankus, Recreation Aide  703-790-0123
Stephen Caruso, Recreation Aide  703-790-0123


General Programs/Instruction/Tours
Maggie Shea, General Programs Director  703-744-9347
Andrew Jennings, Youth/Instructional Event Manager  703-744-9351
Katie Fedora, Registrar  703-744-9365
Sue Dorsey, Assistant Registrar  703-744-9365
Sydney Duberstein, Lifetime Learning Coordinator  703-744-9376
Juliana Thatcher, Youth Event Coordinator  703-744-9365


Performing Arts
Sarah N. Schallern, Director  703-744-9343
Jennifer Garrett, Technical Director  703-744-9357
Justin King, Assistant Technical Director  703-744-9358
Cathryn Salisbury-Valerien, Theatre Technician  703-744-9364
Danielle Van Hook, Director of Youth Programs  703-744-9368
Evelyn Hill, Patron Services Manager  703-744-9367
Jeffrey Virchow, Performing Arts Assistant  703-744-9353


Special Events
Catherine Nesbitt, Special Events Manager  703-744-9345
Nadia Kader, Events Assistant  703-744-9375


Youth Activities
Mike Fisher, Old Firehouse General Manager  703-246-4713
Andrew Carter, Old Firehouse Manager  703-246-4715
Ashlyn Thompson, Old Firehouse Manager  703-246-4716


McLean Project for the Arts Staff  703-790-1953
Lori Carbonneau, Executive Director 
Nancy Sausser, Exhibitions Director & Curator
Sharon Fishel, ArtReach Director  
Falayi Adu, Director of Finance
Deb Bissen, Director of Communications & Development
Veronica Hughes, Operatons & Bookkeeping Associate
Briana Clorey, Education & Operations Assistant
Arthur Kwon Lee, Gallery Education & Events Manager